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If you're like most people, you like a little extra money in your pocket. If you're like all people, you like paying as little of that money as possible for stuff you want or need.

Thats why we created WhaddyaPay?, to help you answer one of the oldest questions out there:

Did I get a good deal? Or pay too much.

See what your neighbors paid for items you want. (and how they got that deal) See what the lowest price paid for an item was.

Post what you've paid for items you've purchased. Then, see how you stack up against others.

We cover about anything you could buy including cars, trucks, motorcycles, groceries, electronics like televisions, video games,tools, baby stuff, etc - the list goes on.

We're a simple site thats focused on helping you save money by showing you what others pay for items you want. Whether you use that knowledge to get the same, or better!, deal is up to you.

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